No matter how you came to be a mom, it’s a tough job! Certain times are more difficult than others, and the hard times can stir up lots of feelings and old issues. While there are many books on parenting, none are written specifically for you: your personality, communication style, social support, upbringing, and personal challenges. You could read every book ever written and still come up short on figuring out just how to do this whole parenting thing. This is where therapy can help. To be present and emotionally available for your child, you need to be present and emotionally available for yourself. And this is impossible to do when past traumas, relationships, and experiences are being stirred up by your child and influencing your parenting.


Motherhood requires you to draw on every resource you have.

When you are depleted or unsure, it negatively impacts your relationship with your child, making parenting even harder and thus starting a vicious cycle that can leave you feeling depleted, guilty, and stuck. Therapy can help you build up your available resources, learn how to get the additional help you may need, and develop the skills you need to enjoy positive interactions with your children and family.

Maybe you’re feeling:

  • Frustration and anger
  • Like you’ve lost your sense of self
  • Isolated or overwhelmed
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Torn, trying to balance demands on your time
  • Resurfacing issues related to your own childhood and current relationship with family

Maybe things are changing:

  • Maintaining your marriage/partnership
  • Uncertainty about having more children
  • Difficulty cultivating and maintaining friendships
  • Re-entering the workforce outside of the home
  • The transition to parenting teens and empty nesting

You can heal and your family can be whole.

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