Therapy for moms and moms-to-be in

CO, FL, IL, and WI

Helping you find peace and joy on the journey to and through motherhood.


Motherhood is complex. And goodness knows it isn’t always easy. You may have found yourself here looking for support as you navigate the early days of motherhood. Maybe you’ve suffered a recent loss or are struggling to get pregnant. Or perhaps you’re growing tired of feeling lost in mothering; not sure how you go here or where you’re going. Whatever it is that brought you here, I’m glad you found me. I offer convenient online therapy for moms in Colorado, Florida, and Illinois. No more worries about traffic, child care, or disrupting your work day; we can connect wherever you may find yourself.


I’m Carolyn

We’re in this together. I come to this work to help you find the words and safe space to speak the truth about how you feel about mothering, including the parts you aren’t enjoying. To give voice to the part of you that longs for something different, for more ease and enjoyment in this unique time of life. To companion you as you find your way back home to yourself, to being and feeling like yourself again. I’ve got you, mama.



Treatment for mood and anxiety disorders both during pregnancy and after delivery. Including depression, anxiety, rage, scary thoughts, and birth trauma.


For moms wanting support for the many challenging aspects of motherhood. Relationship stress, identity loss, and navigating transitions.

Infertility + Loss

For women experiencing distress due to infertility (both primary and secondary), as well as working through the grief of pregnancy or infant loss.


Let’s Talk

Start by scheduling a free 15 minute consultation. This is a chance to get a sense of how we’d work together, answer any questions you may have, and make sure we’re a good fit.

Weekly Sessions

We’ll meet weekly and focus first on getting you some immediate symptom relief. At the same time, we will start untangling the experiences, beliefs, and relationships that have brought you to where you are.

Find Healing

Over time you will begin to find your confidence increasing and negative experiences decreasing. You will start feeling like yourself again, but with an even deeper sense of knowing and self-compassion. 

Motherhood can be joyful. You don’t have to suffer any longer. You can heal.

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