Therapy for anxiety

If you’ve found yourself in pain, feeling stuck, and unsure of what to do to get yourself out of the anxious rut you’re in, you’ve found the right place. With a flexible approach tailored for your specific needs, strengths, and circumstances, we will work together to uncover how you got to where you are and collaborate to come up with new ways to move forward. With an eye both to providing you with relief quickly and doing the longer-term work of uncovering and healing past wounds that led to the pain you’re currently in, I work with you to create your best life.


How can therapy help with anxiety?

I use a three-pronged approach to treating anxiety, addressing how your body, mind, and social environments all contribute to either exacerbating or minimizing your anxiety. You will learn how to integrate your anxiety into your daily life, allowing it to be present as your built-in alarm system, but helping to recalibrate it so it stops setting off so many false alarms.

Some things we may incorporate include:

  • Identifying triggers for anxiety
  • Utilizing body-based interventions such as breathing, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation
  • Identifying and revising distorted thinking patterns that contribute to anxiety
  • Using EMDR to lower anticipatory anxiety
  • Finding ways to increase support in daily life
  • Working to release guilt and shame about anxiety